Trading on Cardano from Mobile using Ada Wallet, and

In this brief YouTube video, the Rami wishes viewers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year before delving into a demonstration on how to use a mobile phone (IOS) to acquire USDT (Tether) and purchase ADA (Cardano). The video focuses on the Eternl wallet and guides users on seamlessly trading ADA from their wallets. Additionally, the content covers checking rates, fluctuations, and token movements, particularly altcoins on the Cardano blockchain. The presenter emphasizes that the video will be concise, providing a quick and informative guide.

Good evening everybody, this will be a short one, I hope you have a good Christmas and a Happy New Year I will be showing how on the mobile phone we are able to get «USDT», buy «Ada», and with this Ada, how we’re able to trade right away in a very simple way from Ada wallets… in this video it will be «Eternl» wallet, and how to check rates and fluctuations and movements of tokens on Cardano, one might call them altcoins. so please enjoy, it will be a short one and see you in the new year.

so here we are in « », this is where we check what currency we want, of course I put « ADA » we can see some information, we can see tokens, and we can see « NFTs »these are the nfts ranked from 1 till 50, same for tokens, you can see information about the tokens price and Ada market cap and their movement in the past 24 hours, then we can click on this button and we can check charts, for example I went to «SNEK», it works like «Trading view» so can see the chart here, it’s daily chart if we want to change that we can press this, here this button and for example go to 4 hours chart, here it is works exactly the same as if we are on trading view, here we see transaction trade history and here we see more information we can click on more, and we see very important information like market cap, total transaction, total Supply, circulating Supply, and so on, if we want to go back of course we can click on this so we press on the menu button on the top corner and we go back to home, we can find everything here.

So now, we will go to «Eternl» app. we have to make sure that we are connected. go inside the wallet, this button on the top right we press it, and it has to be green so we’re connected to the interwebs, here we can see some information for example the tokens that we have NFTs or coins if we press on one of them we can see some information and we proceed to go to where we have «transfer» «send» «swap» «receive» «stake» Etc. now we will learn how to swap so let’s say I want to swap 100 ada to… here is the list of tokens in the cardano ecosystem let’s say I want to get «Copi» so if I press on «copi», i will get some basic information, and different websites , different exchange rates on different websites, so we select and 100 Ada are worth 590 «Copi» . okay and we press swap of course here we have to write down our spending password.

Finally we go to the last part or the first part. we are on «binance». binance app through the phone, we go to deposit on the top right corner and of course this is after doing kyc and having a bank account that works with binance. we can go directly to buy with Euro or deposit Euro. so in my case I’ll go right away press on buy with Euro of course we have a limit and in my case, I don’t want to buy «usdt», so we can change that to ada and we can do it directly so of course we can put the number let’s say 100 and we press buy, and then we’re off to getting Ada on binance. so far I still did not find how to do this directly from a Cardano wallet on cardano … if someone can help with that it would be great !