Transaction history linked to a NFT

For example I have a NFT who represents a goods in the real world.

I would like to document all the steps that the goods have, from the very beginning until now. How can I reference every single step to the NFT?

At the end, I would like to have a list, which represents all steps sorted by time.

Can someone give me a tip or documentation on how I can program this or how I should proceed?


As you can be seen in the picture, the NFT should at some point be transferred to another wallet, but the history should be preserved and can be continued


This may be worth a look:

Thanks for the hint and I read it, but I don’t think that’s exactly what I’m looking for. The NFT itself does not have to change, it should only be documented whether the goods were manufactured, shipped, delivered, etc.

How exactly?

Cardano only records which addresses own an asset. That’s all it is about. (And you can get a history of that easily with every blockchain explorer or write your own using cardano-db-sync or something like that.)

But that does not necessarily have anything to do with anything in the real world – manufacturing, shipping, delivery. If you want information on that, you’d have to put it in transaction or NFT metadata and there @Oyster_Pool-OYSTR’s link is very relevant, because then you do want to “change” the NFT, want to record additional things that have happened.

And the really interesting questions are:

  • How do you ensure that whatever is recorded there by whomever is accurate? A blockchain is only the solid source of truth for the things happening inside the blockchain. For things outside the blockchain, accuracy has to be ensured by other, more traditional means.
  • But if you need those traditional means – someone reasonably trustworthy signing off on it, for example – anyway: What for and why do you then need a blockchain at all?

This is pretty close what I am looking for:

But I didn’t find any technical solution like a programming example or something.

I need to research further in this direction