Capture the whole lifecycle of your next bicycle in cardano … is that possible?

A Service Book on Cardano … too early ?
Utilizing blockchains to capture the history and service history for products is a common usecase for blockchains. See i.e. gapless.

With the advent of NFTs i was wondering well Cardano is already capable to capture the product & service history of a product.

Imagine you bought a new bicycle and alongside your purchase you receive an NFT which documents your owner ship of the bike.
Whenever you bring the bike to service or reclaim a warranty issue the information is attached to your blockchain.
Same would be possible for almost every product of interest. Watches, Electronics, Machinery … you name it!

Which bits of pieces do we already have at mainnet today?

Transaction Metadata is probably the foundation, while a Wallet with a simple interface to sign / extend a transaction similar to what Metamask is doing in the Ether Space is still missing?

If you know anything interesting along the lines, may it be a cardano project, ether project or catalyst initiative on ideascale I would appreciate your input!

Found this presentation shared by @adatainment to be a good starting point for metadata Metadata Workshop 01/18/21 - Google Slides