Transaction submit failures

Looks good to me except for the wrong quotation marks (again).

Which editor do you use there? VS Code should not do a replacement like that. Or is your keyboard set to produce instead of "?

Does this look better I think this forum editor is doing that

Screenshot 2022-01-17 at 10.13.33

Anyway still stuck and it just wont build

Error: The “–mint” flag specifies an asset with a policy Id, but no corresponding monetary policy script has been provided as a witness (via the “–minting-script-file” flag). The policy Id in question is: 01bb0de9fbcddf3dbd5db8fe48805070b7daa7d105d472d39e4634d9

It will build if I use this instead but then the policy is unlocked forever

Screenshot 2022-01-17 at 10.16.40

Doesn’t do that for me. Perhaps your browser …


Which policyid does the working example have?

So i am testing it like tthis

–minting-script-file policy.script \

relates to

Screenshot 2022-01-17 at 10.13.33

or --minting-script-file policy.orig \

relates to

Screenshot 2022-01-17 at 10.16.40

But you change the policy id also between the two?
In the metadata.json as well as in the --mint and --tx-outs?

So, you have to run

for every change of the policy.script file.

But you change the policy id also between the two?
In the metadata.json as well as in the --mint and --tx-out s?

only change I made was the transction build switch from
–minting-script-file policy.script \
–minting-script-file policy.orig \

the only one that builds is

–minting-script-file policy.orig \

echo $policyid


metadata.json >>>

“721”: {
“01bb0de9fbcddf3dbd5db8fe48805070b7daa7d105d472d39e4634d9”: {

Any other ideas I am stuck right at this last stage

BTW policy.orig relates to the commands i ran just for mainnet i.e

echo " “keyHash”: “$(/Applications/Daedalus\ address key-hash --payment-verification-key-file policy.vkey)”" >> policy.script

So just checking do I generate a new Policyid for each version of the policy.script ?

Yes, exactly that! The policy id is a hash of the script. Policy changes ⇒ ID changes.

Great so thats beginning to sync in thanks for repeating so can you re iterate the steps now that you know where i am at ?

policyid=$(/Applications/Daedalus\ transaction policyid --script-file policy.script)

echo $policid

add to metadata.josn anything else ?

policyID changed as about and mtx.raw file built so sign it and submit ?

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I put my --change-address same as my targetaddr

Am wondering how I will transfer the other amount later as i will need ADA

Or can I add the second targetaddr2 and if so how do I make the amount balance ?

Whichever route works thank you

Use it in the transaction build, but that’s automatic, since the variable is used there.

Should work.

I would really use the address of the payment key, there. So that some Ada stay there and can be used for the next minting/burning/sending.

Also: If you have eight people getting your minted tokens, who should get the change and why?

No, only one change address is allowed. And that is used to automatically balance the amount (of Ada at least), which is the advantage over build-raw.

Hi so I did the mint there are a few errors in the Meta I think and policy shows blank

On the upside the new asset amount did arrive into the Wallet.

Wondering to burn and or fix the issues, I really dont know why there is validation issues I used the Pool.PM metadata validation ?

I decided to register the policy on as it let me paste it in ?

Still the image should of come out ?

Could be that in your metadata “vilvi” is lowercase, but in the token name it’s uppercase “Vilvi”.

Hi I updated Deadalus I wonder if you know does this version change the cardano-cli and any requirements for token name format ?

/Applications/Daedalus\ --version
cardano-cli 1.32.1 - darwin-x86_64 - ghc-8.10
git rev 4f65fb9a27aa7e3a1873ab4211e412af780a3648

The only change I am aware of is the one in 1.31.0:

Since that version the token names in cardano-cli arguments have to be hex-encoded.

Hi yes thanks as expected then it will have to be base16 encoded

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Hi have run into this issue /Applications/Daedalus\ query tip --mainnet

cardano-cli: Network.Socket.connect: <socket: 13>: does not exist (Connection refused)


/Users/mdev/Library/Application Support/Daedalus Testnet/cardano-node.socket

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Is your Daedalus (the testnet one) running?