Traxia no longer for Cardano

Thanks Rob!

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I haven’t done my research on Traxia but from how they worded it, they can still get their thing connecting with the Cardano chain, but just chose Binance chain as their starting platform (maybe to get stuff done faster instead of waiting for Goguen?). I must be missing something important because I don’t really see anything wrong with this. Syre’s being implemented on Tesseract for Ethereum first but there are still plans to get it to the Cardano wallets. Also, can someone shill me on TMT? Tried reading about it months ago but got too distracted.

What makes it bad news is it looks like Cardano failed Traxia. But you’re right, the reality is not necessarily that bad. You’ll find plenty of shills on TG! :slight_smile:

I see it as just another delay. Cardano’s got plenty of that. We’re used to it. Supposedly.
But gotta admit, Binance chain has got their momentum with their partnerships.

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Hey @xxrsee, how do you blur out the certain parts of the text?

Click on the gear icon on the top right of the editing tools, the second icon after the emoji. Fun little option.

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Aha…“Blur Spoiler”

Thank you !

thank you for this head up! i’ve been down with the flu the last two days and haven’t been keeping up on the coins, but felt something was brewing with TMT, and had already moved them to a wallet.

i feel bad for those who are unaware and miss the chance to swap.

I think we should understand where real value comes from. Would it be good to have dApps?

Yes it would, BUT I’d much rather have real users actually using the tech for their everyday purchases. The MOUs which Charles have signed come with less regulatory headache and don’t even require that you to buy/hold some shitcoin.

Cardano dApps will be perhaps a dozen or so but they will move millions, if not billions of dollars and will be backed by sovereigns.

What would you rather see?

What if you hold traxia on the eexchange? Kucoin I think is the one I use

get them off the exchange to an ETH address, now!

“1. On June 6th 2019 at 1 pm GMT+8 we will download the snapshot of TMT holders publicly
available at,
this will be the cut off time and movements of TMT after this point in time will not be eligible for
participation in the TM2 TGE.1”

Maybe you need to reevaluate your position in the crypto space, Traxia has a team that has exposed open source decentralized solutions to major players in the world of finance, for you to say “good riddance” angers me to a point I will not mention here, but I will say that if you base a project off of it’s current monetary value in the crypto trading space than you have been wildly misled to think that the global mcap somehow plays into the importance of what this movement is about, how the ##ck you made it into the ranks of community management is beyond me! It appears every thing you have worked towards is all about your wealth increasing, the price of your f’nn holdings increasing, and now you want to damn a good project in our space? You should avoid commenting on all things Traxia related, you pushed too far, that team deserves our support and has contributed to where Cardano is now. When you decide to leave the crypto projects that are not looking to make gains for you but are changing the world - I hope you hear a deafining “Good Riddance”.


I never supported Traxia from the beginning, I can tell when a project is using “news of future partnerships to shill their token.” That “Tron” type strategy I can smell a mile away. All they did on this forum was try to sell their token on a promise of transitioning to Cardano. I even remember criticizing their website with all its spelling mistakes during their ICO. Out of a thousand ICO’s out there, all of them screamed “we’re changing the world!”

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I’m not a community manager, and my stance regarding Traxia has not changed one iota from the beginning of their inception. If you go back to my posts from their ICO, you can’t say I’m inconsistent

I don’t care.

@anon20038177 and @SeanAlimov, you’re both out of order here. Take it to DM or better still apologise and move on.

Am I? Five hours after the post do we have a comment now. I’ve got nothing to apologize for. My comments are appropriate here, “Traxia” is no big loss to this community.

Agree… Cool down…

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Looks like starting July 1st of this year anyone with an IP from the United States wont be able to trade any longer on I setup my Ledger Nano S with the Binance chain app but kinda useless after July 1st. I’ll have to get a different wallet.

I almost bought some TMT. Glad I did not do that.

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