Trusted peers for shelley testnet

Hi There!
I am trying to get a config.yaml with trusted peers for my node. The documentation says that I need to download it from this site:
However the config.yaml provided at that site has a wrong yaml format. And by correcting them I am getting the following error:
Error while parsing the node configuration file: p2p.trusted_peers[0].id: Invalid bech32: invalid checksum
There is another site where I could find trusted peer list:

With the provided list I could start the node without error - but it seems that these addresses are outdated, because I got the following warning:

WARN unable to reach peer for block download, reason: HTTP/2.0 connection error, peer_address:

So can someone provide me a correct trusted peer list?

It seems that latest config files have JSON format instead of yaml format. But why the extension is still yaml? That is why I could not start 0.7.0-rc1 with these files downloaded from
Now I got a hint from IOHK Support only nightly config files are working… with v0.8.0-rc4 but now I getting this error:

Parsing error on Block0
|-> failed to fill whole buffer

JSON is a valid YAML format, check here

The config files are version specific. Its best for you to join the workgroup to keep up with latest updates and changes as they occur.

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Finally I figured it out what was the problem - I downloaded v0.7.0-rc1 but the configuration is for v0.7.0
So I could start the node with version v0.7.0

the main difference between telegram and forum/support site is that you can find/read information without joining it. Why should anybody need to join somewhere to able to setup a networking node properly.

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They shouldn’t, normally, but this is a temporary arrangement to facilitate the sharing of information during the development stage.

Hi. Check this link.

Thanks, now it is working with jormungandr 0.7.0

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Update on trusted peers list: (source Telegram)
“Hi there; Gerard here from the IOHK devops team. We have establish an exclusive set of trusted peers for stakepool operators. We’d like you to connect to them; we expect we’ll see some n/w improvments as a result. The automatically generated configuration file from hydra will be aviable in due course but we wanted to make it available to you now.”

Is that still the latest list for trusted peers?

this is the link and use itn_rewards_v1.
This info fetched from IOHK support site

@ATADA that was very helpful. Synced up real well.

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you’re welcome

because of security, i deleted my original config. if someone need a trusted peer to bootstrap. pm me.