Twitter @Cardano_update scam

At 90k followers I thought Twitter account @Cardano_update is a legit account, but it doesn’t seem to be. There is a recent update posted: that suggested to send ADA using a website This is up for a few days, I have looked around the forum but didn’t find a mention. I have watched Charles’ video on scams, makes a lot of sense.

Regardless, I followed @Cardano_update. Why couldn’t there be Twitter account @Cardano_update besides Cardano and CardanoStiftung. Then I was soon after contacted via DM

"Hello there

We noticed you just followed Cardano community, our support team picked you randomly to keep your abreast with our latest development and also like to share with you our recent staking program. If interested, kindly respond to this message" making it feel even more legit.

Now I do think that Cardano could aim to be even more proactive. Twitter Account @Cardano_update is up there since April 2021. How can you tolerate a fake account be up there and active for months that carries Cardano as the very first word in the account name? I did report that today into Cardano Fraud Detection Bureau but I think you could have found that one proactively.

wp @xorinox