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Thanks for flagging these, will forward to the appropriate people :slight_smile:


Not really typo, a lot of the profile pictures have visible transparency issues, e.g.:


On CF’s Trademark Policy page: CADANO FOUNDATION

@hayamoto_jr :smiley: did you comb through the article while on Adderall? I think it’s great you’re catching these tiny errors, presentation is everything! This probably takes some major focus, good job! keep it up!

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Address reuse actually reduces privacy for it tights more transactions to a small set of addresses.

Should be ties, I guess.


I have made this change, thanks for spotting! :slight_smile:


Hello Maki, I would like to edit this article for grammar and clarity: https://cardanofoundation.org/en/news/a-brief-description-of-the-cardano-blockchain-for-non-tech-people/

Would you be able to ensure that my suggestions make it to the correct person? Also, what is the best of way of sending you the changes? In a post on this forum or maybe a Word document with changes tracked?



Hi Michael,

If you can send me a DM on the Forum, I can make sure it gets forwarded to the right person.
Otherwise, if you already have a word document ready, you can send it to maki.mukai@cardanofoundation.org

Thank you!

in sight, here: 09.09.2018 - Surprise AMA with Charles Hoskinson

Fixed! Thanks :sweat_smile:

There used to be a link to the latest weekly technical report under “Weekly technical report” on the roadmap. Now there isn’t.

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In Yoroi, when creating a wallet:

Make sure nobody looks into your screen unless you want them to have access to your funds.

I am posting a small typo in the quiz questions of the new Marlowe course on Udemy.

Quiz question:
In Meadow, how do you simulate the passing of time?

-Current text is: By clicking on the “Evaluate” button in the input panel and/or setting the current block in the input pane.

-Correct text should be to change the word “Evaluate” to “Execute” to follow the button template in Meadow.

Maybe nit picking but i had to double check to see if i understood the question correctly :slight_smile:

Hey @Frocco! Thanks for sending this feedback.
I have sent this over to the course project manager - I believe since its a video recording, that won’t be changed but for any new or supplemental content, they’ll make sure to use ‘Execute’ :slight_smile:

Edit: Correction - I have been told this has been changed :slight_smile:!

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Something minor but not everyone will reverse-compute. I think the 1 shouldn’t be there

  • Cardano Foundation, Switzerland: 648,176,7613 ADA
  • IOHK: 2,463,071,701 ADA
  • Emurgo: 2,074,165,644 ADA
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