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Not really typo, a lot of the profile pictures have visible transparency issues, e.g.:


On CF’s Trademark Policy page: CADANO FOUNDATION


@hayamoto_jr :smiley: did you comb through the article while on Adderall? I think it’s great you’re catching these tiny errors, presentation is everything! This probably takes some major focus, good job! keep it up!



Address reuse actually reduces privacy for it tights more transactions to a small set of addresses.

Should be ties, I guess.


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Hello Maki, I would like to edit this article for grammar and clarity: https://cardanofoundation.org/en/news/a-brief-description-of-the-cardano-blockchain-for-non-tech-people/

Would you be able to ensure that my suggestions make it to the correct person? Also, what is the best of way of sending you the changes? In a post on this forum or maybe a Word document with changes tracked?



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If you can send me a DM on the Forum, I can make sure it gets forwarded to the right person.
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in sight, here: 09.09.2018 - Surprise AMA with Charles Hoskinson


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There used to be a link to the latest weekly technical report under “Weekly technical report” on the roadmap. Now there isn’t.


In Yoroi, when creating a wallet:

Make sure nobody looks into your screen unless you want them to have access to your funds.