Undefined symbol: crypto_vrf_publickeybytes only in systemd service

Recently my node fails to start with error undefined symbol: crypto_vrf_publickeybytes but only if I start node as a systemd service.
Do not get this error when executing my node start script

Anybody got an idea how to fix this?

Looks like this issue was met before too.

When you start as systemd, env vars are different from your current user (that launches the script).

Ensure the systemd user (root?) has the LD_LIBRARY_PATH correctly configured

Thanks for the tip but that`s not the problem; I am using the same user for the service.

Just realised that it doesn’t mean that env var is set. In your systemd definition, issue the env command too and save it somewhere and check if the LD_ is there.

You’re probably setup that env var in your bash_rc (or equivalent), systemd only uses or id, not your bash definition.

Thanks, that worked.