Understanding stake vs. pledge

here’s a simple question:

If I’m setting my margin to 100% and I stake 1000 ADA on my own node I’m running, does the pledge amount even matter?

Not at that scale. check out the rewards calculator in order to simulate the effects of the pledge on your rewards.

Hi @andrewarrow you can calculate it all with this calculator:


These are great! Can you explain the difference between:

“Pool Operator’s Return”
“Delegator’s Return”
“Total Pool Return”

I’m able to make the “Pool Operator’s Return” goto very high amounts, but what am I missing with this approach?

The first is what the pool operators return will be. The secind is the return of the delegators delegating to that pool and the last is calculated by dividing the total rewards by thr total stake (pledge plus delegators stake)

If you set the margin to 100% all rewards go to pool operator and the return for the delegators will be zero

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ah thank you. I understand now why the calculator was showing these HUGE % returns for “Pool Operator’s Return”.

When I set the “Total Pool Stake” to a large amount, but the “Pool Pledge” to a small amount, that’s saying the “Delegator’s Stake” is all coming from other people. Thus, your “Pool Operator’s Return” is quite large based on what you placed in the pool.

Correct this example is called an “over leveraged” pool.