University Blockchain Alliance(UBA) Collaborates with Universities to Develop Blockchain Curriculum

Yesterday, June 4, 2024, UBA collaborated with representatives from several universities, including the University of Transport and Communications (UTC), University of Economics and Technical Industries (UNETI), Dong A University (EAUT), and C2VN, to draft a basic Blockchain curriculum for students.

During the meeting, the parties agreed to use the CBCA course materials from the Cardano Foundation as a reference. The proposed curriculum will include two main modules, with the following content:

Module 1:

  1. General Introduction and Background
  2. What is Blockchain
  3. Blockchain Generations
  4. Public Key Encryption
  5. Hash Functions
  6. Digital Signatures
  7. Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance
  8. Proof of Stake and Proof of Work
  9. Other Approaches of Consensus

Module 2:

  1. Transaction Models
  2. Chain Features
  3. Double-spending Attack
  4. Block Rewards and Transaction Fees
  5. Web3 Architecture
  6. Scalability: Layer 1 Solutions
  7. Scalability: Layer 2 Solutions
  8. Smart Contracts, EUTxO…

In the coming time, the parties will continue to discuss and review to create a complete curriculum for teaching students.

Here are some images from the meeting:

Image 1: Representatives participating in the meeting

Image 2: Lively discussion about the curriculum content

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