University of Washington + Cardano

Hello! My name is Daniel and I am an Officier for the UW Blockchain Society. I am incredibly excited about Cardano and emerging blockchain and cryptographic technology. I want there to be a more accessible way to build on Cardano and for University students at UW and other colleges to have a place to collaborate together.

University of Washington has an outstanding computer science program and I would love to discuss how the Blockchain club at University of Washington can participate in Catalyst.


Hi Daniel
Welcome, this is a very good Community with lots of help and Resources related to Cardano and I can personally attest to that as the Community here has helped me a lot in my struggles with setting up my pool, I hope you and your club will feel the same after some time.

Specifically to Catalyst, please also note the below resource page that you should visit and join also.

Hope my input helped.
Kind Regards

Hi! Feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn, happy to answer questions/collaborate as me and a few in my team are currently applying for funds for a Oxford student hub!

Linkedin@ Simon sällström