Unknown command "address" for "jcli"


I’m following Chris Graffagnino’s guide on setting up a stake pool using Jormungandr.

On entering the command to derive the public address from public key,

jcli address account --testing --prefix addr $(cat ~/files/receiver_public.key) | tee ~/files/receiver_account.txt

I get an error:

Error: unknown command "address" for "jcli"
Run 'jcli --help' for usage.

Is it because I’m using Jormungandr after uploading the latest version 0.9.1 from my local machine?

Any tips for me?

Thank you!

Hi Morgan,

Jormungandr is the Rust implementation of Shelley for the ITN (counterpart to cardano-node), and jcli the command line counterpart to cardano-cli.

You can use the first part of Chris’ guide to help you lock down your nodes, but Jormungandr is not for mainnet. Please let me know if you are trying to setup a pool for mainnet or a pool on the old ITN chain.

Your friend, FROG

Thanks for the response FROG.
I’m trying to setup for the mainnet. So I guess I should refer to another guide?

Hi Morgan,

Yes, here is the documentation for mainnet:

Your friend, FROG

Thanks FROG!

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