CNTools users, pls ensure to run this additional steps before node upgrade.
cd “$HOME/tmp”

curl -sS -o prereqs.sh https://raw.githubusercontent.com/cardano-community/guild-operators/master/scripts/cnode-helper-scripts/prereqs.sh

chmod 755 prereqs.sh


. “${HOME}/.bashrc”

please what does this output mean?

It means u don’t have luck for epoch 261 to create a block :frowning:

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: :neutral_face: :expressionless: Seriousely??

Unfortunately yes :frowning:

Many thanks @Alexd1985

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my relay and block producers were migrated to CNTOOLS, I created them from scratch again.
they are up and running but now, for some reason my block producer only processed 5 transactions after several hours running… the relay processed thousands of it.
it can be a problem right?

Screenshot 2021-04-21 at 10.47.10



That’s because u don’t have IN peers in Producer

Check the topology updater from ur relays… did u ran deploy-as-systemd and chose Y for topology updater (on both Relays only)?
If yes, did u added ur Producer IP and port in topology updater script to custom peers?

relays were installed deploy as systemd the BP didn’t… about your second question I don’t know what you mean but my relay can see the BP.

Go on ur relay to scripts folder

and type

nano topologyUpdater.sh

u should see a line custom peer — there u should add ur Producer IP + port amd delete the # from the begining

yeah, thank you very much. I forgotten to open port 6000 on BP, now my producer is working thank you

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you are welcome, keep the port 6000 opened in the PRoducer only for your relay

can you confirm all is okay with my pool?

just being curious? What can I do to stand a better chance for a block.

Nope, is not, your BP has no IN peers (your relay)

you need to open the port in the Producer FW to allow incoming connection only from your relay

example sudo ufw allow proto tcp from Relay_IP to any port 6000

or check in relay side, topologyupdater script… if u added the producer IP + port to custom peers.


I just did option2:
“check in relay side, topologyupdater script… if u added the producer IP + port to custom peers.”
still no in from the producer. do i have to restart any service?.
any need for option1?.

thanks @Alexd1985 Tell me i am now ready for blocks :slight_smile:

@adgo123 & @Alexd1985 - I don’t see BLOCKS following stat " Ideal, Luck, Confirmed" in gLive display for my core-mainnet, am I missing something?

check your configuration with this topic from @Alexd1985

How to set up a POOL in a few minutes - and register using CNTOOLS - Staking & Delegation / Setup a Stake Pool - Cardano Forum

Thanks for your response. Figured it. Wasn’t running the CNCLI services. All good now.

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U are, it looks fine

always u can check the status of the pool on pool.vet