Update stake pool IP address?

Checking the coin cashew guide for how to update the IP address.

It says:

Need to change your pledge, fee, margin, pool IP/port, or metadata? Simply resubmit your stake pool registration certificate.


And then that is followed by 13 commands. Is running these 13 commands really the simplest way to update pool IP address?

And most importantly, how to make sure that I don’t get charege 500 ADA?
Do I need to manually update the deposit fee in protocol.json file from 500ADA to 0ADA?

I am not sure about what u are trying to modify… the Relay’s IP? or what?


yes - If you want to modify the pool parameters then you need to re-register the node… as the guide suggest.
No need to modify the protocol.json - since it is not used at re-registration - as the guide suggest.
you wont get charged for 500 ADA since you wont add the pool deposit to the transaction - if you add it by mistake then the transaction will fail…

Thanks laplasz.

That’s reassuring.