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I recently registered a stakepool on the chain and noticed that my pledged funds where not showing up. After some debugging and going over every step I noticed that after recreating my staking address the one registered was different. I think I screwed up here and used another vkey to generate that address. Now how to correct this? I deregistered my pool and I am waiting for the 500 ada to return. I know after that I can fix it the correct way. But, is there another method to change the current registration on the chain without waiting 3 days for the epoch to be over.

I am looking forward to your thoughts.

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U will need only to send another pool certificate which will include the correct keys; there is no need to deregisternthe pool and register again


Tnx for the help. Since I already deregistered, will the chain reconise the change of certificate and cancel the deregistration?

Nope, now u will need to register another pool

Hmm, I can’t tell u for sure if u will can cancel the de-registration

What is the ticker?

it is FERMT

“If we change our mind, we can create and submit a new registration certificate before epoch 53, which will then overrule the deregistration certificate.”

source: 13. Retiring a Stake Pool — cardano-node Documentation 1.0.0 documentation

Gotta love a good documentation :slight_smile:

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Try to register again but without paying the registration cost (500ADA)

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I tried to build the transaction but even if i do not subtract the 500 ada from the TXIN it gives the error that there is a difference in the Tx in/out flow (ValueNotConservedUTxO). You mention that one can register the certificate without paying the 500, could you be more specific?

Again, tnx for helping out!

I found this

Submit a new registration certificate but with pool deposit 0