Cancel deregistration, resubmit new certificate


According to Coincashew, to cancel a deregistration of the pool you have to resubmit a new certificate. I did it, and also tried with the old, but nothing happens. It is received but the pool [CURE] still says it will be retired in epoch 275.

Do I have to repay the deposit fee? I am removing that parameter from the cli command when building the transaction so it does not subtract the deposit fee again. Any clues on how to do it properly?

Thank you,


If it was an issue with the depost fee the submission would report you an error.
And the deposit is not going back to you before the retirement is effective.

So your re-registration should work without considering the deposit fee and make your pool alive again.
I also do not see your pool on the retired list: Retiring Pools | Cardano Staking

So propably time solved the issue already :wink: