Does changing pool registration certificate change the pool ID?

Hello everyone,

I have been following Cardano for some time, became a fan of the project and now decided to try and build my own stake pool. I followed instructions on and was able to successfully launch a pool and delegate some ada to it. However I think I went too liberal on my pool cost calculation and now my pool costs are a little too high :slight_smile: Also I set up my pool with just one relay node, what if I want to add more nodes in the future? What would be the best way to go about changing pool parameters? Should I re-generate the pool registration certificate? Is the new certificate going to change the POOL ID? Judging by the fact that the pool id can be retrieved using the cold verification key it seems I should be fine, however I would like to make sure before I make any changes to a live pool.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

No because you pass the same keys to make the certificate. Your pool id does not change by resubmitting a certificate. Be careful you are not recreating any keys in such a process as that is not needed. is a good starting point.