Wrong link provided in the register stake pool metadata step

Hi Guys,

I just discovered that I provided the wrong link for the --metadata-url in the registration cert. Do I need to retire the stake pool first to get the deposit back and then redo the whole register stake pool process again?

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You can just send a new registration certificate without retiring the pool. It will overwrite the previous one.


Thanks for helping out. Do I need to generate a new delegation cert or can I use the old delegation cert and submit that with the new registration cert. Am I right to assume that the original poolID will be the same and I will not have to repay the deposit and just need to pay the TX fees?

Many thanks!


Delegation cert is irrelevant here since the pool ID stays the same (provided the pool cold keys did not change), all previous delegations pointing to the pool will still be valid after re-registration with updated parameters.

You won’t have to pay the pool deposit, just the tx fees to include the new registration cert.

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Many thanks for the clarification! It’s now showing up on adapools, just waiting for pooltools and Daedalus to update.