Resubmit poolMetaData.json url

Hi, I followed the CoinCashew tuto and somewhere I managed to upload a wrong shortened url.

I wanted to claim my pool on, they see my poolMetaData.json @
While when I re-run the shorten on it’s seems to be @ I have no idea how I
managed to screw this up, but here we are :). Cause the content is the same and I don’t recall having done multiple uploads.

No problem, u need to send again a new registration certificat

This time the pool deposit will be 0

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Just to be sure could you give me the exact commands I have to do?

it depends of what guide did u follow when u installed the node

That would be the guide of Coincashew. I’m guessing I’d have to redo step 12 somewhat moded.

#edit: the number of the stage had to be 12 not 11 als first mentioned


That is the re-register section:


Thanks alot.