Metadata help!

So I did something stupid while setting up my pool.

I realized I didnt inlcude the twitter page I made in the cert and the poolmetadate I uploaded to github but I only realized it after I submitted my pool to be registered. I tried changing the poolmetadata on github but now the hash doesnt match (dont know why I did that)

anyway to update my cert without needing to pay the 500 ada again?


Yes, you have to re-register your pool, the process is the same as you did during registration - the only difference is that pool deposit (500 ADA) is not needed.


If you are using cntools, just:

  1. Run:
  2. Go to: “Pool” > “Modify” > “Online” > Select your pool > Update your settings

Just want to check but how do you add the Twitter handle into the metadata? Using the coincashew guide and it only has your website in it.

I think maybe you are thinking of “extended” metadata?

The base pool metadata shouldn’t have a twitter handle field.
It can however have a link that points to extended metadata which has a lot of extra information, used by for example Yoroi and Adapools.

There is a thread about this here: Extended pool's metadata in .json - #7 by KrakenStaking