Updating pool certificate weirdness

Hi all,

I have updated my pledge and pool data.
The new values (pledge, url, pool description) appear perfectly on adapool, daedalus now doesn’t show my pool and gives it the name unknown and pooltool shows my pool but has not taken into account the changes.

Has anyone struggled also with this situation?

Thanks for your help!

I’m new to running a pool, but when you create a new cert, you have to provide a hash for the metadata file. Since you only pay the transaction fee (that is indeed very little) try re-register your pool being careful on setting the hash of you metadata properly. That is most likely the reason why it’s not working properly. Any other mistake could/should have lead to rejecting the transaction.

Thanks for you reply Nemo.
I finally found out my error: the metadata url (i use tinyurl to point to my github metadata file) wasn’t pointing to the raw page!

Have a good sunday!

Ah! I was close enough. Hope I set you on the right path. Good luck