Re-registering pool / updating metadata json


I made a mistake in my metadata json file, and accidentally filled in the url to the metadata file as my homepage. Now recursion is fun and all, but I would like to update my pool details so it shows the right home page. (How) can I update this information?

Thanks in advance for the answer!

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Easy do everything again. But this time don’t pay the pool deposit.
Note: you still need to pay the fee.


How do I register without paying pool deposit?

You have to pay the pool deposit of 500 ada when you register a pool. You do not have to pay it to reregister the same pool.

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Unfortunately thats not possible. If you want to register a pool, you will need to pay 500 ADA + transaction fees. Once you register your Pool, you can update the configs (like updating relays, meta data, pledge) and you don’t have to pay the 500 ADA again. You will however, have to pay a transaction fee (at the time of this writing, its less than 1 ADA)

But how do you register again without running the transaction code?
You mean generate the keys etc from stratch them just miss out the pay transaction?

Thought I’d got it working and can find my pool.usimg the stake I’d bit there is no ticker, name or website!!

Driving me crazy.
HELP :sob::sob::sob:

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thats a good question I wanted to know…

When changing pool parameters, you regenerate the pool-registration.cert with the updated parameters, like this …

cardano-cli stake-pool registration-certificate \
  --cold-verification-key-file /var/cardano/local/keys/pool/cold.vkey \
  --vrf-verification-key-file /var/cardano/local/keys/pool/vrf.vkey \
  --pool-pledge 10000000000 \
  --pool-cost 340000000 \
  --pool-margin 0.01 \
  --pool-reward-account-verification-key-file /var/cardano/local/keys/spo/stake.vkey \
  --pool-owner-stake-verification-key-file /var/cardano/local/keys/spo/stake.vkey \
  --pool-owner-stake-verification-key-file /var/cardano/local/keys/hww/stake.vkey \
  --mainnet \
  --single-host-pool-relay \
  --pool-relay-port 3001 \
  --metadata-url \
  --metadata-hash "56342f6375b5658e1ecadc3b746a1cf7f95c83858d0e2161adc35a928dc3d65d" \
  --out-file /var/cardano/local/scratch/pool-registration.cert

and then you submit that cert in a Tx without paying the deposit like this …

echo "$REFUND_LVC Lovelace"

SLOTNO=`cardano-cli query tip --mainnet | jq -c | jq ".slotNo"`

TTL=`expr $SLOTNO + 3600`
echo -e "SlotNo: $SLOTNO\nTTL:    $TTL"

# Build raw Tx
cardano-cli transaction build-raw \
  --tx-in $TX_IN \
  --ttl $TTL \
  --fee $FEES_LVC \
  --certificate-file /var/cardano/local/scratch/pool-registration.cert \
  --out-file /var/cardano/local/scratch/tx.raw

Ubuntu and command line user raw noob here, and like many dutiful noobs I pasted the placeholder metadata-url from the instruction code thinking that ‘myadapoolnamerocks’ was a thing.
The above “fix” was unhelpful to my level of understanding as pasting that into the terminal achieves nothing.

The way to fix this without paying the pool registration fee again is to go to your pool folder location in ubuntu, find and open params.json file and edit the pool registration fee amount with “0”. You can then follow coincashew’s instructions verbatim. Building the transaction will pull through “0” for pool registration fee and you’ll only pay the transaction fee.


Thanks, you just saved my life…lol

Will regenerating the pool.cert cause any issues for delegators? In other words, will delegators have to redelegate after re-registering the pool?

You can change the metadata any time. Only when you shutdown the pool it’ll effect deleagtors

I updated my pool parameters (relay and description). Pools seems to be registered ok however the ticker disappeared from daedalus (update was performed 20hr ago…)

It can take a few hours reappear on Daedalus. You could try refreshing the pool list by going to settings and changing the pool source to direct and then back to IOHK. The pool list will take a while to repopulate.

Are you sure thats all you have to do to re-register without paying the deposit? It seems to simple to just not pay it and for the pool to re-register fine…

After all, it is a deposit, so it makes perfect sense to pay only once.

I have since followed Coincashew guide section 18.4 which worked fine.

Follow section 18.4 and you won’t pay the deposit a second time.

I registered a stake pool and my pool successfully appears on Daedalus and pooltool

As I found a mistake on poolMetaData, so I changed “name”, “description” and “ticker” followed the Coincashew guide section 18.4. Then my stake pool disappeared on Daedalus and pooltool

The change didn’t charge me the deposit 500 ADA again, only charge a less than 1ADA transaction fee. I checked my transaction is submitted successfully.

However, my stake pool still doesn’t reappear on the Daedalus and pooltool. The section 18.4 says “Changes take effect in two epochs” now it’s over two epochs I still can’t find my stake pool.

Please help. Thank you very much.

Probably metadata hash mismatch. Check with

or compare manually:

cardano-cli stake-pool metadata-hash --pool-metadata-file <(curl -s -L https://METADATA_URL)
cardano-cli stake-pool metadata-hash --pool-metadata-file <(cat METADATAFILE.json)

Thank you so much, mcrio.
Yes, metadata hash doesn’t match registered hash.
The problem is that there are two spaces at the end of in poolMetaData.json from https://METADATA_URL/

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