How to update stake pool's name and other parameters after it is live

Hi all,

I have finally managed to create a new stake pool :tada: I can see it in the list in using the pool hash id. However, I forgot to include my pool’s metadata in the command, so now my pool has no name, description, and url, …

  • Would it be possible to still update those information?

  • I’ve seen a lot of pools updated their parameters like margin, fee, etc… How could they do that?

Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

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Hi Trung,

All you need to do is simply re-register your pool with the corrected / updated information. Just omit the 500 ADA pool deposit when calculating the remaining utxo value, as you will not need to pay that twice.

Make sure to provide the correct hash for your metadata file. It’s best to get your meta file hosted and then pull it down via wget before calculating the hash on it. This ensures the hash you provide in your pool registration matches the actual file hash.

Your friend, FROG


Thanks a lot for your very clear answer, @ADAfrog . Really appreciate that :pray:

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My pleasure, Trung!

so you would just be paying the fee for the blockchain transaction. Payment balance - calculated fee = X, X would be your value after the (cat payment.addr)+X