What is the proper way to update a pool's fees?

I’d like to change the fees of my pool, but I can’t find any information about what the best way of doing this is, and what it means for those who are delegated to it etc. Can anyone explain or point me to some docs? Thanks :smile:

You will be creating a new pool. There have been many who have generated multiple pools with the same keyes. All of those delegated to the old pool will still be there. They do not come along to your new pool. If using the same owner.prv a new ticker looking the same as the first will be generated, so you will have the same ticker twice in Daedalus and Yoroi.

Of course you could generate a completely new set of keyes and register the new pool with the new ticker with the CF.

I am not aware of where you might find documentation to support my opinion. You can find many instances of duplicates, the easiest way to see this is to sort pools alphabetically at pooltool.io

I think you meant to send them to pooltool.io

might want to edit that link @Miner

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You need to create a whole new stakepool id. If you don’t care about using the same ticker, then you can just create a completely new stakepool id and information, and reregister with Cardano Foundation.

However, if you want to keep same ticker:

You need to void your current ticker in Cardano Foundation github with a new pull request:

Then after they merge that new pull request (giving you access to that ticker again) you create a new PR with the old ticker (which is now available) and your new stakepool information.

It’s a pretty messy process. Hope this helps.

Thanks a lot, yep I’ve already updated my metadata a few times no problem. I just wanted to change my fee, but it seems that this is quite disruptive, so I’ll leave it as-is.