Updating Cardano-Cli

I am updating cardano-cli binaries on my cold storage device so that i can sign a transaction. I have new binaries in but they are a folder and not executable, im quite new so excuse me if this is a silly question. How do I make this folder executable so that I can run the cli. I tried chmod commands and they aren’t working (operating system is ubuntu).

What is the error received? Or what commands are u trying to run?

I am getting an error that basically says im running on the old version. Since it is a cold device and not connected to the internet im not exactly sure how to update the binaries. I moved updated folders but they remain directories and are not executable.

I think the binari files are in usr/local/bin

Well, binaries are files, whereas folders and directories are the same thing. If you’re referring to GNU/Linux, the execute-bit on a directory doesn’t mean you can execute it, it’s more of a directory-traversal privilege.

In my /git/cardano-node/ folder is the cardano-cli, I copied that to my cold storage over sftp than a flash drive, then when it is moved over it is only a folder and not executable. Nothing runs and there is no error because I cannot execute anything. Obviously I am still missing something.

Share the output from both servers… there are not executables… perhaps u will need to change the files permissions

use chmod command

Yes, under cardano-node you have a cardano-cli directory with the source code, it’s not a regular file. If you want to locate the file:

$ find . -name cardano-cli -type f

And if you’re still not convinced then try

$ stat cardano-cli

Also, if I understand correctly you are planning to move the binary to another machine, in which case it might be worth having a look to shared libs used by the binary (with ldd) and make sure they are all available on the other machine. The only `external’ dependency being on libsodium.so.