Use the same db-path for cardano-node and cardano-explorer

Hi. I need use wallet api and explorer. I try run cardano-explorer and cardano-node. I install a both by instruction connect-to-cluster.

As I understand cardano-node and cardano-explorer sync its own db.

./state-wallet-mainnet/db 8.1G
./state-explorer-mainnet/db 8.1G

When I start wallet and explorer with the same –db-path " ./state-wallet-mainnet/db", I have error for explorer:

cardano-explorer: UnsuccessfulOperation "c_rocksdb_open" "IO error: While lock file: state-wallet-mainnet/db/blocks/index/LOCK: Resource temporarily unavailable"

How can I use one –db-path for cardano-node and cardano-explorer?

Why I need That? For optimal using disk space if it possible

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First, good thinking, but it’s not possible as each service as of now expects its own exclusive lock, I’m pretty sure that is why.