Use the same payment.addr and paymentwithstake.addr

Hi everyone,

I have followed every steps to create a pool by reading

Except that I follow this post to create root.key from seeds phrase

Thus, from root.key , I am enable to generate stake.skey (non-extended) and payment.skey(extended) .

At the pool registration phase, i use only 1 address to register stake pool and send the pool deposit.

Register Tx

Pledge 600 ADA, but i send only 500 ADA.

Pool deposit

Have i lost 500 ADA to the void ? Or the balance is not correct.

I still have 110 ADA in the balance, and considers the 110 ADA remaining is Staking.

Should I pledge the remaining 100 ADA to the pool ?

Thanks in advance.

P/s: i am freeze right now , please help

The 500 ada is the deposit when you register the stake pool. It just gets held until you retire the pool. So whatever ada you have left is what you can pledge.

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Thanks a lot! @jeremyisme

I will adjust the pledge to 100ADA for now, thanks!