Using Beemocracy For Charles' On Chain Dispute Resolution System

In the video linked here, Charles is discussing his ideas for building an alternative legal system which runs on chain for settling disputes. The video is queued up at the correct moment to hear his idea.

Beemocracy2.0 is a governance by jury system for Cardano.

It was developed by abstracting the mechanisms that evolution always selects for when creating collective decision making systems. It so happens that these mechanisms are most easily observed when bees collectively decide where to make a new home - hence Beemocracy. But these same mechanisms show up all over in nature where good decisions must be made efficiently. The result of the abstraction was a governance by jury system.

One big problem addressed in Beemocracy is how to select a jury and run a trial when KYC is out of the question for most community members. The solution was anonymous reputation attached to a digital signature which is accessed through the wallet and which is secured by proof of service to the community.

The relevant section of Beemocracy is linked here

Anyway, some of these same abstractions may help in setting up an alternative legal system that runs on Cardano.