Using NFTs for professional certifications?

I’m new to crypto development but am interested in investigating if the blockchain is a good way to solve the following problem.
Im a medical professional and have various certification from professional institutions that I constantly need to “prove” to employers to ensure I’m qualified. This usually involves scanning the paper qualification and getting a notary to witness the original and sign the copy. Obviously this is teadious and easily forged.
I was thinking that it may be possible to setup a system in which professional institutions mint NFTs to the blockchain and transfer to my wallet? I can then give an employer a link or QR code and they can verify my qualifications.
I’m sure a similar problem has been solved before. Can anyone point me in the right direction or have any comments on the feasibility of this?



welcome to the forum @Drdavidbell :sunglasses: It will be simpler than you imagine because a system to provide this will soon be running as a sidechain of Cardano. Some pretty big projects, both crypto and conventional, are already queueing up and preparing to use this:

Like for the purpose you’ve imagined, it will allow users more control over how their ID credentials are presented, more or less according to this standard (this is a technical document but you can focus on this section Use Cases and Requirements:

Here is the description of a pretty big use case in active development:

Some conversation & developments about Atala have already been posted in this forum thread; the discussion of whether and when this platform will be “open source” will determine some of these use cases as well as the competition that might emerge:

If someone knows a blog or other resource where Atala developments can be followed directly then I hope they will post it here because I have also been looking for this myself.

I would think NFT production for certificates and sharing would develop as a matter of course from the fundamental requirement of unambiguously proving identity. My technical view is that a rigorous, unimpeachable ID system should first be there as the basic “layer” & then the NFTs, certificates, professional directories, etc. would be available as layers on top of that.

i know this is possible and the more we go further in blockchain innovation, the more new iideas to better the industry. This is to all developers, lets bring innovations to Cardano and take advantage of the SC integration.

Thanks so much for this info. Looks exactly what I am thinking. Hopefully they will either have a business model that allows me to integrate well or provide a good open source SDK to build off.

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yeah for sure, you’re on the right Blockchain/Forum

I have something you could use for Licensing, Credential Management, and talent procurement. Please DM for details, Would love your take and input.

As a Red Seal Carpenter I’ve thought about this a lot as well. I think it’s the future for sure.