Validate Address with Public Key

Hello everyone.

Is there any way to validate an Address with the Public Key or with any type of signature that is not the Private Key.

I want to validate an Address is owned by someone, but I don’t want to make them send their Private Key, so I’m trying to validate it with the Public Key.

Thanks in advance.

Sure, you can have a look at cardano-addresses or serialisation-lib , tho ofcourse - having public key does not necessarily prove ownership of the wallet.

My objective is only to validad if an Address belongs to the same person that haves the Public Key. Don’t care about ownership.

I already use the serialisation-lib, but I cannot find a way to match both (an Address with a Public Key)

I’ve seen now that I maybe can match those hashes if I produce the chaincode() of the Public Key, but I still don’t know how and what should I compute agains that chaincode() to try to match the Public Key with an Address to check if they belong to the same set.

In that case, the doc also includes an example deriving address from pub key