Verifiable accou

I posted this idea elsewhere, I think this is the right place.

The idea is very straightforward. It should be possible to crate an adress which you sign with a cerificate, muh like microsoft signs its own programs like excel and windows components. Signing should create a few bytes of data that I guess could be treated like an ntf that is associated with a particular address.

This is good if you want to buy something expensive and you worry if the address used is really the one you want to use.

The idea requires a few simple additions to the wallets.
The first is of course is the ability to create such an address.
Then you also need code that shows the owner if you paste the address of, say, your car dealer.

I think this would add substantial value to cardano. It should be easy to implement. Much like when you a clearinghouse when you pay a bill, it will tell you who the receiver is. I think many people are spooked when they realise that crypto transfer is quite different from how banks work.

Another idea is yubikey support. When creating a receving adress, you check a box indicating that you have yubikey that you insert. Again, a few bytes becomes an nft associated with that address. Ideally, there should be support for more than one yubikey

When done, you need the yubikey as well as your private key if you want to transfer anything.

In principle, this would be an alternative to a multisig wallet. I think institutional investors would love it. And also by those that use a hot wallet. I have noticed that some people have found that someone has managed to transfer all assets from these wallets.

The latter is a bit different. The wallet, rather than the address, would now require a yubikey.