Verify if KES is valid - how?

Is there any way I could verify if my just rotated KES is valid?

With the help of text view of cbors on cold.counter and node.cert files?

cardano-cli text-view decode-cbor --in-file node.cert

My main goal is to find out whether or not I am having a KES issue: InvalidKesSignatureOCERT before the node is selected as a slot leader.

Sep 28 02:32:44 wladyslawa bash[1480600]: [wladysla:cardano.node.Forge:Error:141] [2021-09-28 01:32:44.03 UTC] fromList [(“val”,Object (fromList [(“kind”,String “TraceForgedInvalidBlock”),(“reason”,Object (fromList [(“error”,Object (fromList [(“error”,Object (fromList [(“failures”,Array [Object (fromList [(“error”,String “Reject”),(“kind”,String “InvalidKesSignatureOCERT”),(“opCertExpectedKESEvolutions”,String “1”),(“opCertKESCurrentPeriod”,String “318”),(“opCertKESStartPeriod”,String “317”)])]),(“kind”,String “ChainTransitionError”)])),(“kind”,String “HeaderProtocolError”)])),(“kind”,String “ValidationError”)])),(“slot”,Number 4.1226473e7)])),(“credentials”,String “Cardano”)]

Would also love to have more insight into this.

We failed to mint our first block because of this, but I can’t verify our opcert because we haven’t minted a block before…

This is happens because each time when the KES are rotated the node.counter or cold.counter is refreshed ( if u will open the file before and after u will see that the counter is incrementing by 1 each time when the KES are rotated) but people will not bkp the new file generated and next time they use the same/old file (and the new counter will be < than the current counter used)