vPA assessment of PA assesing vPA's proposal (is that possible ?)


I made a PA in the recent round and my least rated assemssment has be filtered out. That would be ok if I did not have the impression that the vPA filtering it out was the author of the assement I reviewed. In his rational for filtering out he used the pronoun “our” to refer to the proposal.

His rational is certainly partial and althoug I’m not a native english speaker I have very good knowledge about the proposal’s subject and from my point of view my assessment were justified.

Is it normal that the vPA review PA reviewing his own projects ?

Hi Maliky!
I’m sorry to hear that you have some assessments that took a lot of time and effort but were filtered out by a vPA.

According to the vPA’s guideline, “Conflict of interest: vPAs can NOT review assessments in challenges in which they are participating as a proposer, as an implementer, or are actively working with a proposer (eg. rewarded mentorship)”.

If you think your (or anyone else’s) assessments have been unfairly classified by the vPA for any reason, please list it on

this sheet

, similar to what other PAs did. Some other vPA’s and I are forming Petition documents. This is a pioneer process being held by Catalyst, and today 11:00 UTC, August 22 is the deadline.

If the evidences are strong enough, those vPAs will forfeit all rewards. Your contribution will help make Catalyst a cleaner, fairer environment.

Duc Tiger

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