VPS confusion

What kind of VPS should I get for BP and relays? Is a virtual machine VPS enough? Like one of the below options, they look pretty cheap:


The Comfort would do
you need 8gb at least of RAM

A VPS is generally enough, and I think its good practice to split your relays and BP nodes across diff VPS (so don’t go running a multiple nodes on the same VPS).

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Thanks dstratio. Would the essential be enough for the BP node? I understand that the relays need more RAM and CPUs than the BP.

Do you mean different hosts within the same VPS provider? Like purchasing multiple Comfort machines. Or should I have different VPS providers like oceancloud and OVH…

My confusion lies in the VPS price talking arround here, someone mentioning that it’s usually $40 per node which is not even close to what OVH proposes. So, is this the kind of VPS that I need or do I need a dedicated server or something else?


You need 8gb for both BP and Relays. Although you might get away with having 6gb on you BP node, but with the pace of dev on the nodes and the increase in transactions i think you 'd need to upgrade within a few months.

The costs for VPSs vary tremendously.

I would be willing to pay more for my BP node to be at a very reliable provider and have a few relays split out across potentially cheaper / less reliable providers. The reason is that if you BP node goes down then you cant produce blocks, if your relay goes down then you ideally have 1 or more spare ones running.

A very competitive provider is Contabo https://contabo.com/en/, although i don’t run my nodes there, i know of some who do and are happy with it

Alternatively you can try someone like google cloud where you can tweak how many cpus and GBs you have. So for example gcloud lets you run 2cpus and 5gb ram for you BP node and if you feel that is not enough then you can just add 1gb of ram fairly easily

Dedicated server is a bit of an overkill i find, and not much benefit as I would not recommend running all your nodes on 1 server (hard drive fails and they all go down)

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Wow thanks so much! Your help is much appreciated. But for the crazy prices they offer, Contabo has to oversell… What are you using as VPS?


They are actually pretty good, their math is probably done on not everyone using max power, but i had no issues when i trialled them for a few days running a PoW miner, was getting very close to what they promised. I’d rather not say where i have my BP node.

I like Crontab, google cloud and a few exotic locations that have physical separation from the rest of the world (e.g. south of portugal, siberia for redundancy)

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I understand, thanks!