Dedicated virtual machine for BP node


Currently I’m facing some missed slots in my BP node (shared VPS), tried lot’s of things and looks like the main issue is that because the average cpu usage is below average so periodically there are some rescheduling activities in the CPU processing power causing my BP node to miss slots.
Now I’m planning to move to dedicated VM providers ,so can you suggest some providers ?

I used vps solutions from and never had issues; very cheap plans… they also have dedicated servers plans; take a look

Thanks a lot @Alexd1985 , do you use as relay or BP core , or both ?
Also did you try other suppliers i.e. DigitalOcean ?

I had 2 relays and 1 BP and never had issues;
I didn’t tried digital ocean because contabo is really cheap


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@Alexd1985 Thanks a lot Alex

Hi @Alexd1985 I migrated from Digital Ocean to Contabo and opted for the VDS versus VPS, and the bp node has been running on an M VDS for about a month (the relays for about two weeks). bp node VDS is 4 cores, 32 G of ram, 2.8Ghz. Two relay nodes are the S version of VDS, 3 cores, 2.8 Ghz, 24 G of RAM. Cheaper than DO, but I’m getting same results, intermittent missed slots. 4 missed slots so far this epoch, 38 in the last epoch. All nodes are in Dusseldorf (that’s temporary). When you said you had no problem with Contabo, did you ever miss any slots or blocks? ocassionally? Based on another discussion in the forum, I’m thinking of turning off logging and relying on the Prometheus feed.


TBH I didn’t checked this metric very often

Using Contabo too, I’m using the dedicated servers and still have missing slots, less than when I had VPSs but still… I think we have to live with it or move to bare metal once our pools take off.

I am considering going to bare metal. I’ve always assumed missed slots mean potential missed blocks, if the pool is eligible to mint. Don’t like to see the missed slots. We’ll see how the latest configuration works (not writing to output).