VRF private key has "other" file permissions (Solution)

I’m not sure if this is the correct place to put this as I’m not looking for support but just rather wanted to post a fix to an issue I had come across, I haven’t seen anyone post about it so I thought I would post this in case someone else comes across this issue.

After updating cardano-node and attempting to start it, I received this error

VRF private key file /keylocation/vrf.skey has “other” file permissions. Please remove all “other” file permissions.

The fix:

chmod og-rwx vrf.skey

The solution I found was located here


chmod 400 vrf.skey

will work too

If you’re using kubernetes, you will have to mount file by file with subPath in the volumounts section and set the default mask, eg.:

        - name: my-volume
            secretName: cardano-secrets
            defaultMode: 0400 # <--

and then in the volumount section:

            - name: my-volume
              mountPath: /path/to/secret/vrf.skey
              subPath: vrf.skey

cheers for that. i want liveview back . this is so …messy

Great, thank you KelownaStaking worked a treat!

I also used this:

chmod gou-rwx vrf.skey
chmod u+r vrf.skey

Thank you!

This work for me. chmod og-rwx vrf.skey