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Hello, I have a question regarding the cold portfolio of the Daedalus portfolio, when you send your funds to that address in the cold portfolio, the funds go to the same address in your Daedalus portfolio? Or to another address different from your PC portfolio? if you go to another address as you withdraw funds from this cold wallet?

If i understood your question correct:

Cold wallets will be a different “wallet” than the hot wallet in Daedalus. You can look at cold wallets as a sort of extra securiy layer for hackers to encounter. The link between cold and hot will be a spesific code/mnemonic phrase that you can register in Daedalus that lets you connect your cold safer funds to the blockchain. This mnemonic passphrase will link your ada funds to spesific interractions with the “hot” blockchain on Daedalus
on items like staking,voting + other future support services in the Cardano program.

Cold wallets will be a different “wallet” than the hot wallet in Daedalus. You can look at cold I understand, then when I put my funds in the cold wallet I will have access from my computer but not a hacker. Thanks for the explanation

The difference between cold and hot wallets is how readily their ADA can be accessed, cold wallets must be restored whereas hot wallets need no restoration.

Turn a hot wallet into a cold one inside Dedalus
(make sure you have your recovery keys before you do this):
Select a wallet > Settings > Delete Wallet

Hint, I always make paper wallets first, then I restore my wallet form my paper certificate, always adding a strong spending password for extra security. This way I have a 27-word wallet, better entropy than the standard default 12-word recovery phase wallet. If you ever decide to go back to a cold/paper wallet all you need to do is delete your wallet from Daedalus as you already have your paper certificate for restoration.

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