Wallet safety on Daedalus

So as I have done when seeking advice I switched my few ADA to 24 p/p ledger S and it shows fine. I also as suggested sent 200 then deleted it all and reinstalled from scratch and everything seems fine.

Would others or do they keep up to date with this side of safety, for example certain regimes. Right now I want to delete then restore to dbl check but the 200 is now 2000 so you can see I am wary. I ONLY type to my ledger and follow protocols to the tee. Any info as always warmly expected ty.

I also run a full node. 332 soon to be 403 but waiting on fresh pants :crazy_face:

I would also like to add that I tried sending ADA Tto a practise address to check it recognised my ledger which it did. Ty again

Next step staking I hope !!!:nerd_face:

One more thing. Can I not update to 403 currently until I understand the processes and history. Tyvm and may you all be safe.

I updated which took longer than in general. 20 mins perhaps. So it seems my issue is fixed. I see there is a reveal wallet key. Is this to coincide with being asked for my public key again as its 404 tysm everyone.

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Happy delegation!

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Where to check my phrase is fine ? It accepts requests to outgoing so 5hjs is good as proof yes sir ? Tyyy again. I love this place

Hi. From Ledger Live you can download the ability to check your passphrase on your Ledger. It is located near the bottom of the app’s.


Never knew that tyvm