Wallet split when claiming rewards - does it matter from pledge perspective?


I wanted to increase our pool pledge, but before that I decided to claim the rewards, because it’s still unclear if unclaimed rewards count towards valid pledge.

Because CLI instructions for reward withdrawal are a bit error prone, I decided to use a wallet software for withdrawal - I know that when you send anything using daedalus, it automatically withdraws the rewards for you. So I sent 1 ADA from our pool wallet to my own wallet there and back. However what I didn’t expect is that after that Daedalus split the wallet into 2 addresses, it claimed rewards and send ~2000 ADA + rewards to a second address you can see in tab “receive” (it shows multiple alternative receiving addresses).

Since then, our 10k wallet is split into two wallets (according to adapools - Stake Address | Cardano Staking see 2 wallets) with same staking key, totaling that 10k we had there.

When I run CLI command to show UTXO balance of payment.addr I can see 7401ADA, which is only one of these wallets.

Does this matter from pledge perspective? Is it safe to increase the pledge to 10k? Or should I do some black magic to merge these 2 wallets into one again?

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I am not 100% sure, but I think the amount on stake address is not part of the pledge amount. So my guess would that you are fine… and it is safe to add the rewards to your pledge address

the rewards were already claimed via Daedalus, but for some reason Daedalus decided to send them to the second receiving address of the pool wallet, instead of first one, so if you open adapools you can see 2 wallets that total our pool wallet balance: Stake Address | Cardano Staking which is weird

They are technically both one wallet, I can see it in Daedalus as 1 wallet and they have same staking key, but still, when I run display_balance script that fetches balance from UTXO dump, it shows only balance of primary address (because that’s the address it’s looking for in blockchain):

22b416ff05217daf6f7232f26164091fe492ab0ccb9742495495fb080264033e     0        7400000000 lovelace
dc4458699d75dcfd170c454681048ae21c9a55987f72412482f4ef158803ff26     0        1000000 lovelace
TxHash: 22b416ff05217daf6f7232f26164091fe492ab0ccb9742495495fb080264033e#0
ADA: 7400000000
TxHash: dc4458699d75dcfd170c454681048ae21c9a55987f72412482f4ef158803ff26#0
ADA: 1000000
Total ADA balance: 7401000000
Number of UTXOs: 2

I am not sure if pledge calculation on very low blockchain level is conducted against this primary wallet address or somehow else. Some clarification would be nice, unfortunatelly, not many blockchain experts are active on this forum :frowning:

ahh - so the stake address is derived from the pledge address - I always forget this…
just checked mine… also 2 addresses belongs to pledge address Stake Address | Cardano Staking
and as you can see my rewards not claimed yet so it is not in the pledge address…
but I think once the reward is available on your pledge address I think you can re-register the pool with the updated pledge amount…

I found a guy that is in similar situation (his wallet split into even more) and he is getting rewards, so I assume this is OK.

Fingers crossed, I will get the answer in few epochs…

good - maybe if you have the answer you can create a topic about:
HowTo use rewards for pledging…

Looking forward to!