Wallets outside of Daedalus?


Obviously Daedalus is the best wallet to use :wink:

But, if you HAD to pick another wallet, which one would you use?

What are your top five wallets?


Best option IMHO: dedicated computer for your finances, kept offline most of the time, and only switched on to download the latest blocks and move your coins around. Only for your finances and nothing else.

One of the other secure options that will probably support ADA imminently are definitely hardware wallets such as Ledger Nano S (Charles Hoskinson himself said on Reddit 2 days ago they are working with Ledger at the moment…), and maybe in the future, Trezor.

Then you have paper wallets, coming soon as well.


This should be the first commandment! : )


Thanks for the heads up on that. I’m looking to purchase a hardware wallet and didn’t realize there Ledger was the best option for ADA. Might have gone with trezor.

And yea, I should definitely set that up. I have an extra laptop lying around I could use. Thanks for the help!