Want to know what wallet a destination address is

I want to know where i sent some ada. I have the destination address. How do I determine what wallet it went to? Thanks

You can search the address on a blockchain explorer like adastat.net or cardanoscan.io.

They will show you which stake address belongs to that address (if there is one), which other addresses belong to that stake address, and which transactions happened on all of these addresses.

That’s as far as you will get with on-chain information.

what the harm in revealing which company/name the destination address is, could be marked as private or if its a brand, like Trust wallet for eg, it could just state it so

There’s no way to. Nobody knows. Addresses/stakes/wallets are not obliged to be registered anywhere.

Could be that there are some tokens – NFTs, handles, ADAmail passes, … – or some transaction in the history that help identify the owner.

But there is nobody who could “just state so”, nobody who needs to know who that address belongs to, not even by which software it was created. For the blockchain, they all look pretty much the same.

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