Find My Staking Address?

I staked my ADA one year ago with (The Black Star Stake Pool.) How can I find my Staking Address?

Thank you in advance.


Hello @AWakeUp

There are many ways to find your stake address. Assuming that you may not have this info easily accessible in whichever wallet you use you could just go to and type any address from that wallet in the search bar and press enter. In the results displayed it will show your controlled stake key. All stake addresses start with stake… instead of usual addr… (or a few older versions).

If you know exactly the amount you have in your wallet you could confirm/check this at pool pm page for this stake pool.

There are many other ways, but this should be the quickest way with just any address and no access/info from your wallet.

Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello @Neo_Spank
Thank you very much for sharing your feedback.
I will follow your suggestion and let you know how it goes.
Thanks again for responding.

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I tried the approach that you suggested here but I could not generate the Staking Address for my Stake- Pool. I think that I might have entered the wrong address in the search bar but in any event, I have the following question I would like to ask you. "If I were to ask my Stake Pool Operator what the Staking Address is for his or her stake pool, should they be able to give me the address?
Thanks In Advance.

Which wallet app (Eternl, Yoroi, Nami, Daedalus, …) do you use?

The better ones tell you your stake address somewhere.

The pool operator most probably cannot tell, which of their delegators is you.

The approach that @Neo_Spank described should be very easy to do to see the staking address. Maybe it’s a misunderstanding, try to describe what you are trying to achieve as maybe it’s not the staking address you are after.

@mcrio Nik,
After I read your comment answering my appeal for help, I agree with your suggestion that the problem I’m having following Neo_Spank’s directions, stem from a misunderstanding on my part. Now, I will briefly explain what happened to me and the main objective that I’m trying to achieve here. Over one year ago I decided to withdraw some of the ADA that I had staked and convert that ADA to U.S.D. After I connected my Ledger Nano S device to my laptop, I logged in to, the Ledger Live website. Then, using my YOROI Wallet Interface, I attempted to make the withdrawal but to my shock and surprise, I realized that my NANO S device had been compromised and I no longer had access to my ADA.

I was told by a very credible source that if I could locate one or more of my ADA transaction addresses that I got from my old Binance Crypto Account, and enter that address into the search bar search bar @ (my Staking Address would be revealed and I could then search for my ADA on the Block-Chain if it has not already been Withdrawn, Spent or Removed by inside hackers.

That is true. If you can still find an old addr1… in Binance, that should give you the whole information about your wallet on Cardanoscan.

Are you sure that it was compromised and not just a glitch between your Ledger and Yoroi?

Did you reset the Ledger in the mean time? (It will only give access to the same wallet if it is still configured with exactly the same seed phrase as back then.)

Did Yoroi still have the wallet in its configuration or did you do a new restore/import?
Is any transaction history shown?

Did you update the Ledger to the newest firmware and the newest version of the Cardano app with Ledger Live?
(Ledger Live is not a website, but a standalone app. And if you use Yoroi or any other Cardano wallet app, you only need it for such updates. You do not need to start it every time. Yoroi and other wallet apps can speak with the hardware directly.)

Did you try to add the Cardano account to Ledger Live directly? (Though you can’t manage staking and rewards with Ledger Live up to now.)
Did you try to pair/import/restore with any other Cardano wallet app:
(For a quick test, I’d recommend It does not need any installation, it’s just a website. And it does not save any information after you log out.)

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I would like to follow up with you (via email) on the information you have shared here.
If you agree, Please Respond To: [redacted]