Super confused with my stake pool. (wallets/owners/stake address)

So I created a mnemonic wallet. I was never able to send a clean transaction for registering the stake address. Supposedly its registered even though I got errors both times. Address 0189da9e16cfad3ec446d3dff8d880cd53994a6283c48148e0533910a5b53e3c9c29c6c32f3a876b837b570b4ca2057c9a1260bb40fe084fd6 - Cardanoscan

The problem when I was submitting the signed transaction for registering the stake pool, wouldn’t let me sign it with more than 1 stake key. So I ended up using the new stake key to sign the new stake address. But I got errors everytime.

My Daeladus wallet that I created when making the new stake address has 1680 cardano

My SKULL server now shows 2 separate addresses (both of these are in my Daeladus wallet)


The reward address shows as my SKULL server (not sure if that is supposed to be an actual address or I messed something up. **please advise)

I read I have to wait 2 epochs for the changes to take effect. My question is, did I register my stake address?

stake1ux6nu0yu98rvxte6sa4cx76hpdx2yptungfxpw6qlcyyl4sf9twsw (New daeladus wallet)

Okay cardano scan shows the owners correctly: