I got lose my keys

I am building the stake pools.

I know my problems, and pool register need 500 ADA.

and i send the 500 ADA previous payment address.

But i missed keys , cause I generate new stake, and payment keys.
I think there is something wrong points but I go.

finally I can’t build new transaction for previous payment address.

Is there any save points? or I lose my all ADA?

there is no way.

don’t forgot your stake, and payment keys…


did you happen to set up your address with a mnemonic phrase? or are you saying you sent ADA to an address that is not your own?

i sent ADA my own payment.address.

but i do generated new key on cold storage.

yesterday i don’t knew what that mean.

What is your payment address? Can you see Ada sitting there?

sure, yes you can.
here is my locked payment address

Hi, so you are saying you created the payment keys but then deleted them by accident? Or no longer have access to them?

overwrited them

Oh man sorry to hear about that. If you had set up the pay address via mnemonic phrase you could recover, but I’m not sure if you can without doing it through cli.

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im doing through cli