Mnemonic Wallet creation splits into 2 addresses

You can see it has 1 address with 1700, and a 2nd address with 500.

Both of these are in the same wallet. The first address was the one automatically grabbed when creating the Mnemonic wallet and the one the stake key was created with.

Is this anything to be worried about? When querying my wallet address only 1700 shows, but its pledging the full amount in the wallet.


yes to both it is normal and it can be worrieng, if it is effecting your pledge. In this case you have to manually transfer the ADA to the same wallet address

One could also use multi pledge in this case. But this is overkill I think.


How does one send Cardano from the same wallet to the same wallet?

I think you can use Daedalus for this.

In the receive tab you pick your pledge address.
Then transfer the whole amount in the send tab to this address.


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ill give it a try