Delegating - Staking Address in Daedalus

I am trying to figure out what my staking address is - specifically an address from within daedalus that I can use to look up my staking rewards on PoolTool.

I have an old wallets that I have emptied and switched to a new walled within Daedalus. There are no funds in the old wallet and now when I go to PoolTool to look up my old staking rewards, I am unable to find a record of my rewards.

Is there is a staking address for that wallet that I can find in Daedalus that I can use to search on PoolTool? I found a transaction in Daedalus with the heading
“From rewards”… with an address that begins with “stake…” however using that on PoolTool yielded no results.

Anyone have any ideas on how I can proceed?

Lookup your wallet address, eg: Address 014fd61f22bbb8c17ea8d4507f0e4e5e06348b68ad25ab32bf3ddee3fc3e70cb24b0a638e0c8fa314087d8562cb31284ffd9d0ca9a6fda2cbe - Cardanoscan then at the bottom you will see “Controlled Stake Key”.

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using your any receiving address (addr…)

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thanks, will give it a go

awesome guys, that worked like a charm. thanks a lot!

No worries :slight_smile: