Ways of mitigating the impact of pledge mechanism on the smaller pools

Hey everybody,

first I would like to congratulate to the pioneers, and well, to all of the Cardano community!
Things are looking great but I’m a bit worried about the impact of the Pledge mechanism on the small pools. My knowledge about Cardano protocols are very limited, and if this is needed for the current setup, I fully understand and support.

On the other hand I had several ideas about how to ease the impact of pledge mechanism on pools that can’t afford high pledges.

  1. Could we set the minimum tax to 1%? That way it would be impossible to to make a lot of 0% pools and try 51% attack because there will be 1% polls already in the network.

2.Is it possible to add another influence factor to the equation,

The age of the pool as that parameter…

For instance, if a verified (older than 5 months lets say) pool has very little ada to pledge, his age parameter would “fill the gap”

Another parameter would be owner identity verification,

those are very crude examples but could we use multiple influence factors to try to mitigate the impact on the smaller pools?

Cheers, and respect