We are stepping up marketing. I'm making some hires and more things to come

We are stepping up marketing. I’m making some hires and more things to come. -Charles Hoskinson

I won’t say it was because of my complaining. But I will take this as validation of my complaints about the marketing.

The marketing for Cardano has not met the standards of the project and everyone involved deserves better. Most importantly Charles, the developers and the stake pool operators.

So glad to see this.

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Nice, QR art, I did some research in the past replacing this ugly QRs, but have not found any promising alternatives, but some interesting concepts, by minor.

One her was this

She have a lot, and on dribble or just search “Art QR code by minor”, she is very talented imo.

Hi CardanoMax,

I was really glad to see this tweet, what triggered it i guess we may never find out, either way we move forward :smiley:.
I guess one of the biggest challenges any project has in this space is building in the background (making sure that when you launch, what you have works) and maintaining relevance in the ‘Hyposphere’ (there are so many projects now jumping up and down grabbing the attention right now).
On a different subject, i think you said you run a pool what’s the ticker please


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As someone who has been in the cryptosphere for a long time, one thing I’ve learned is that there is some correlation between market cap and quality of the blockchain project, but much of it is driven by marketing and hype.

So it’s as important to have great marketing because having a quality project isn’t enough to drive adoption in a space littered with hype and marketing.

Actually I don’t run a stake pool, just someone who believes in Cardano and the positive change it can have in the world.

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