We need a better way to buy Cardano

Please forgive me folks, my first post is going to be a bitch session:

We need a better way to buy Cardano … good grief! I’ve been trying to buy Cardano unsuccessfully for a month. I’m an American living and working in South Korea. I can’t use the American exchanges because I’m in Korea and I can’t use the Korean exchanges because I’m an American (and I can’t read Hangul). I also can’t “prove my residence” because my utility bills are written in the Korea language so I can never get “verified”.

Also, these f**king “exchanges” are nothing more than thieves. Coinmama wants nearly 10% (!!!) just to use my credit card. Come on Cardano, we need better customer service than this. We need a way to buy Cardano straight from the company.

Also, I’ll gladly pay a few percent over market if someone wants to trade with me. I can Paypal and I have Discord to talk out the exchange.

Thanks folks … sorry for bitching. I’m pretty pissed off that I missed the run up.

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Discord tag?

Sorry Richard, my bad …

Daniel Hallahan#0161

Anyone can hit me up on Discord if they like, and I hope you all do. If we get enough friends we can start our own server … which would be cool.

I agree with you. Cardano needs its own exchange platform to give it the value it deserves and the ease of purchase it needs.

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I tried to add you on discord but it failed, it said friend request failed.

Well I agree with u. You’re in a very specific trouble, and if u can’t find an exchange that’d accept u, the only solution is indeed P2P. I myself don’t like it, as it’s very prone for scams.

In Brasil we have a handful of exchanges, but all of them have few transactions and little liquidity, compared to international ones. Even DEXes that are still small have more liquidity than them. And they support only a few currencies, mostly BTC, ETH and a few ETH tokens.

What I do is send R$ to their banking account and trade R$ for Litecoin, and then transfer it to some centralized exchange, and then trade it for the currency I want. Or for ETH or USDT and transfer it to my wallet and trade it on some DEX.

We can’t buy cryptocurrency from credit card on Brasil, because our government charges 8% tax on any international payment. We rely on local centralized exchange, sadly.

If u’re indeed unable to be accepted by any centralized exchange, then it’s not a Cardano issue.

Hey Hikari,

A lot about cryptocurrencies still strikes me as a high-tech shakedown (what isn’t these days) but I love the idea of “being my own banker” so I’m still trying to buy Cardano. How these “exchanges” have plenty of Cardano seems to be a question no one wants to ask.

I’ve been able to buy a lot of gold in Korea. No trouble getting that here. I may just have to be satisfied with that. A few years back many Koreans lost big money on Ethereum. It became a thing here with all the college kids and when it went down the Korean government stepped in (Koreans collectively lost billions). I think that’s part of the reason why I’m having issues buying Cardano.

I have no idea why your friend request isn’t working Hikari. Send me your Discord tag and I’ll add you. It’ll be nice to chat with someone from Brazil.

Chat soon …